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Childrens Bunk Beds

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Good support and comfort in childrens beds is just as essential for growing children as it is for adults!
This applies to all types of childrens beds including bunk, starter and cabin beds.

Most young children spend 10-12 hours of every 24 in bed and it is during these hours that young limbs and backs are developing and growing.
Poor support in these formative years could well be laying down foundations for back problems in future adult life.
There is also a worrying increase in the number of teenagers and even younger children actually suffering from back problems, no doubt due to poor posture resulting from their more sedentary lifestyles spent watching TV or playing on the computer, therefore choosing childrens beds wisely has never been more important!
childrens bunk beds from Lewis Furniture

Ironically, many well-intentioned parents who normally give their children the best of everything, put them to sleep on second-hand or hand-me-down beds that may be detrimental to their health and safety.
Children should have their own beds from the start. Beds which have been used for several years will not only have lost much of their original comfort and support through wear and tear; they will also have been shaped by somebody else - and won't therefore conform properly to a child's body.
Even if parents buy a new bed for their child, a full sized single bed can seem bleak, un-snug and very high for a child, especially if they have been used to a cot.

childrens bunk beds from Lewis Furniture
However, there are various options for parents to choose from. Smaller size starter childrens beds are easily obtainable and they can be fitted with safety rails.
You may enquire for further advice and assistance regarding these types of childrens beds here or call us on 01784 452536.

If space is limited, cabin beds and bunk beds can be used - although the upper sleeping area on these is high off the ground - it is therefore recommended that only children of 5 to 6 or over should sleep this high up.

Many parents though will buy a pine childrens bunk bed and assemble the upper sleeping area only using this like a large cot until the child gets older.
Enquire for further advice on these types of childrens bunk beds here or call us on
01784 452536 where our experienced Customer Service team will be able to assist.
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