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How to Shop at InHome Furniture

You may already have trudged through many shopping centres to find the product you want, at an attractive price, only to find that the delivery time is far too long.

Here at InHome Furniture, we have well-known manufacturers' products at Knock-Down prices and, wherever possible, with quick delivery from stock.
Despite our heavily-discounted prices, we respect the fact that most of our products represent a high order value. Therefore, we confirm that we will not accept an order from you until:
  1. We have verified your specific requirements.

  2. We have established a suitable delivery time for you.
Not until your requirements have been met will we complete the transaction! We do not intend to waste your time by not being able to meet your requirements and end up with cancellations.

After all, we have been established since 1886 so we know that providing the best service to our customers is the keystone to our excellent reputation and popularity.
Please remember that we are here to offer:
  • Well-known respected UK branded products
  • Quick delivery schedules
  • Customer service - both during the ordering process and thereafter.
Most important of all - We will not action any payment until we have communicated directly with you.

nHome Furniture has designed this site to be as clutter free as possible in order to make your shopping experience more straightforward, logical and enjoyable.

Each category of product is grouped into 'Rooms' so that you can easily find what you need. Each 'Room' is coloured coded as follows:
  • Bedroom - Blue
  • Living Room - Red
  • Dining Room - Green
Within each 'Room', the products are grouped by:
  • Types of Product
  • Manufacturers

Bedroom Pulldown Menus Each group can be accessed by making a selection from the relevant pulldown menus. This allows you to select a particular type of product regardless of the make or all of the products made by a particular manufacturer. Of course, you can select from both pulldown menus at the same time which will enable you to select only those types of products made by the manufacturer of your choice.

By way of example, let us suppose that you are looking for a new bed.

Bedroom Pulldown Menu with Divan Sets selected If you are looking for a particular type of bed regardless of the make, then:
  1. Click on the Products pulldown menu in the Bedroom area.
  2. Select the type of bed that your are looking for - Divan Sets, Metal Bed Frames etc.
  3. Click on the Select button.
Having made your selection, you will see the first page displaying your chosen items. If more than six products have been selected for you then you will find links at the bottom of the page which will take you to the other pages. You can navigate through the pages by clicking on the Next or Previous buttons or by selecting the number of the page that you want to see.
If you would like to see a larger picture and further details of a particular bed then you can click on the picture of your choice. This will open a new page which will contain details of the individual products available together with thumbnail pictures of bed base styles or colour samples. Where colour samples are shown, you can click on the thumbnail to show an enlarged picture.
If you would to like place an item onto your order, you can click on the Order button. At any time, you can see the contents of your order by clicking the Your Order button on the main menu bar. You can add or remove items from your order at any time. Please note that the details of items on your order are contained entirely on your computer and will not be sent to InHome Furniture until you decide to place your order.
InHome Furniture is staffed by real people with expert knowledge of their products. We are not just an automated order processing system. Therefore, when you send your order to InHome Furniture, you will be contacted by telephone, fax or email (your choice) and our staff will discuss the details of your order and provide any advice that you may require. Sending an order to InHome Furniture does not commit you, come what may, to take the products that you have specified. Our staff will ensure that the items on your order are compatible and will meet your needs.
At anytime during business hours, you can telephone our experts on 01784 452536 and we will answer any questions that you may have about our products and availability.